The Real Dr. C

just keep smiling

More than a nice slogan, ‘Just Keep Smiling’ fuels Dr. C and his wife Trish. In great times and not so great times, they’ve seen the power of a smile to lift their own spirits and inspire others. Smiles have carried them through the untimely cancer deaths of loved ones, the challenges and rewards of leaving the Midwest to build a life and dental practice in South Carolina, and through the unexpected fame Dr. C has garnered as the “Dancing Dentist” and a sought after media personality.

‘Just Keep Smiling’ defines their passion to spread hope and happiness around the world.

Dr. C. sitting at a table outside wearing sunglasses

America's favorite dentist

As a dentist, Dr. C’s contagious smile and infectious attitude have made him “America’s Favorite Dentist.” As a husband, he’s crazy about his wife and enjoys being with her more than anything else. As a speaker and media personality, he’s as authentic as they come and audiences can’t help but be inspired by his eternal optimism.

dr. c on the steve harvey show

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